May 5, 2017

CT Law from the Land

CT Law from the Land

Thanks for visiting CT Law from the Land. Developments within the law which could change up the condition and municipal agency approval process for land use applications in Connecticut happen on almost an every day basis.  These may vary from important court decisions, to legislative changes, which can dramatically change up the approval and review process.  Wish to consider attempt to highlight a number of individuals changes that could be of great interest to the clients and prospects.

Week of This summer 8

  • AC35796 – Michos v. Planning & Zoning Commission

This decision held the Capital of scotland- Easton P&Z Commission violated its very own rules if this approved a home of worship with 80% from the parking while watching building when its very own rules needed the parking to become located towards the rear from the structure. The Commission contended that “front yard” wasn’t defined in the rules which had in the past construed the saying “front yard” to become equal to the 50 feet yard set-in its rules for other religious facilities in order to be flexible and never violate RLUIPA, 42 USC 2000cc et. seg. A Legal Court stated the regulation was plain and unambiguous. “YardInch is really a generally understood term and it is totally different from a yard setback. The Commission violated its very own plain regulation if this approved a unique use permit for that facility.

The details and holdings associated with a situation might be redacted, paraphrased or condensed for easy studying. No summary is definitely an exact rendering associated with a decision, however, so interested visitors referred fully decisions. The docket quantity of each situation is really a hyperlink towards the Connecticut Judicial Department online slip opinion.

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